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Astrologers usually warn people about difficult periods in their lives, complicated relationships with partners, potential diplomatic conflicts or failures in business. This is related to the state of the biosphere which may or may not be harmonious.

It goes without saying that negative cosmic background arouses anxiety, gloom, aggression and implacable pursuit for activity in a human being’s soul. Unfortunately, negative results are achieved usually.

Favourable days induce a human being to entertain oneself, to engage in peaceful and pleasant activities and affect in a calming manner. Work gets done right, purchases are successful and everyone is satisfied with each other in the family on such days.

All that can be predicted and one can learn to control one’s emotions as well as to make one’s life harmonious. There is a saying: “so help me, God”. A peasant knows when to sow, he chooses the time when the nature itself helps him. The knowledge of the laws of nature and the signs of nature provide him with such an experience.

If you have your Soliar (a prediction of the events of your life from your date of birth for a year) compiled, you will be able to plan your life trying to avoid the negative trends or to work with them and thus neutralize their negative affect and use the positive moments by successfully realizing them when “God helps you”.

People are usually concerned with their health, children and family issues.

Just like a clairvoyant, an astrologer who has mastered Medical Astrology can point out potential health disorders and eliminate them.

Just like a psychoanalyst, an astrologer who has mastered Astropsychology will help you solve your psychological issues, get rid of complexes and free yourself from depression as well as will indicate a successful direction for the realization of your abilities.

We feel especially sorry for children. The earlier parents find out about the intellectual, spiritual and physical data of their child who has been born, the earlier they perceive the importance of of the role of upbringing in the child’s life. The earlier they discover the child’s potential and develop his/her skills and abilities, the more favourable the fate of both the child and the parents is. Miracles can be achieved even in case of “problematic” children by correcting their behavior if we know about the negative aspects at the moment of their birth. Such a consultation can be provided to you by an astrologer only.

Astrology is a great science but not all people become famous. Both geniuses and charlatans or sometimes weak or selfish people can be met in Astrology just like in every ancient profession.

If one doctor couldn’t help you, you look for another one but not deny Medicine as a science.

We advise bearing the same attitude towards Astrology. It is very powerful but, just as a doctor, an astrologer must be contacted more than once in your life. An astrologer must be chosen taking the qualities of his/her professionalism into account. If the astrologer is rude, categorical or talks in an incomprehensible or arrogant manner, he/she is not what he/she pretends to be.

Our centre guarantees professionalism, understanding as well as careful and sensitive awareness of your issues.

People wish to turn to an astrologer for help and ask for a personal consultation very often. They don’t know that there is nothing to talk about with the customer if the astrologer hasn’t made and analyzed the customer’s horoscope in detail. This process requires a lot of work and takes quite a long time, especially if the astrologer makes a prediction for the future.

Any investigation begins from making a general horoscope from which the features of the character, the strengths and weaknesses of the personality, the potential of realization in the society, health issues, etc. emerge. Thus, if anyone decides to engage in oneself, in the analysis of one’s life, relationships and health, one must order a general horoscope first of all. It is a map which helps find out a lot about oneself while traveling. A general horoscope is a baseline (a scheme) without which other steps (making a prediction for the future, answering specific questions, making compatibility horoscopes, etc.) are impossible.

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