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Personal horoscope (astropsychological portrait)

A personal horoscope will help you know yourself better and determine:

  • Your character type, psychological portrait, the shortcomings and advantages of your nature;
  • Your complexes and ways to eliminate them;
  • Your internal and external resources;
  • Successful and difficult periods of life;

Ways of realization in social environment, fields of successful application of your abilities and potential.

Ordering rules

Please carefully familiarize yourself with the rules of ordering a horoscope:
1. We provide consultations of the astrologer in an oral and a written form.
2. Consultations in the oral form form be provided:
• distance (on SKYPE)
• internally (personal meeting with an astrologer, which is being held in Vilnius, Lithuania).
3. Personal oral consultations of an astrologer (SKYPE or during personal meeting) are conducted in the RUSSIAN language only by prior registration and agreement. (The duration of the consultation is up to 1 hour). After receiving the questionnaire, we will contact you to clarify the date and time of the consultation.
4. Horoscopes in WRITTEN form are sent to the specified postal address or e-mail address.
5. If you wish to order a horoscope, you must complete the questionnaire correctly. THE CUSTOMER is responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the data of the questionnaire. An inaccurately completed questionnaire will be the cause of errors in prediction.
6. After we receive your order, we will notify you and confirm by e-mail that your order has been accepted. The requisites for payment will also be stated in the letter.
7. You can pay for the order in any bank (or online) by transferring money to the bank account. Keep the payment receipt or a copy thereof with you. The bank will notify us that you have paid for the order of a horoscope.
8. The order of Horoscope in a written form shall be sent within 10 business days after the reception of the bank’s confirmation of the payment.
9. We guarantee confidentiality of information.


Attention! Please complete all boxes of the questionnaire very carefully. We guarantee that all information stated in the registration form and information concerning your horoscope is confidential and it shall not be disclosed to any third parties in any case.

Attention! The cost of personal consultation (meeting with the astrologer) is determined individually.

The cost of a written horoscope depends on the chosen language

* We need your name and surname to check and receive the bank transfer (payment of your order).

Attention! If you don’t know the exact time of birth, predictions may be inaccurate. The approximate time of birth can be stated for psychological and compatibility horoscopes. The more exact time of birth is stated, the more accurate the prediction is!

(If you were born in a small settlement, state the closest city.)

The clearer and more specific you formulate the questions and issues you are interested in, the more accurately we will be able to present information to you on the basis of your horoscope.

Please state your exact address at which we could send the Horoscope:
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