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UFO (a real-life event)

I left school with a group of children on one winter evening; the Moon was shining brightly in the sky. The moon was full. I looked at the sky and felt breathless. A huge cylinder-shaped thing the shape of which reminded a cigar was shining just as brightly under the brightly-lit disc of the Moon. The children were the first ones to notice it. They shouted to attract each other’s attention and became silent afterwards. We started to observe waiting what will happen next. We stood like that for 4-5 minutes; afterwards, the “cigar” slowly turned its body at us and, suddenly, it turned into a red dot and disappeared as if having switched on unimaginable speed. We stood stupefied, surprised and asking what that was. What we saw was too bright and real. We could not confuse it for something else, to be mistaken to accept what we saw as a mirage. The object was too big.

This event made me change my attitude towards the publications concerning UFOs published in magazines. Besides, changes started in my conscience. The thought directed upwards required to expand the limits of everything known to everyone and to review the prevailing knowledge and perception. The mind, logic and intuition suggested that unknown phenomena exist and that we need to rise or knock up to them. It is said: “Seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” From this moment on, the limits of my cognition started expanding and information started flowing to me from endless sources about which I had no idea before.

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