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Astrology deals with the exploration of the influence of cosmic bodies on the life on Earth. Astrology has existed since times immemorial. Historians mention the period from 5000 to 3000 years B.C. Written evidence dates back to 700 years A.D. The peoples who lived between the Tigris and Euphrates (Sumers, Aquaves, Chaldea, Babylonians) engaged in Astrology.

Astrology was the religion of these peoples. Undoubtedly, they inherited this knowledge from even older nations. Tables and stones with inscriptions about the influence of celestial bodies on the world of the Earth were found in their residential territory.

Astrology went through the periods of rise and downfall. This was related to the development of consciousness of the society. It is no secret that the humankind experienced opposite states of the mind, spirituality and morality while developing.

The great minds of the humankind engaged in Astrology. The people who have mastered and respect this science are called “the ordained ones” for a reason. Most of the famous scientists of all time who were recognized all over the world spread the science „about the influence of the planets on our Earth“ in their works to the whole world: Plato, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Dante, Milteni, Pythagoras, Spencer, Shakespeare, Galileo Galilei, Johan Keppler, Nicolaus Copernicus, Claudius Ptolomy, Nostradamus and many others.

Astrology was persecuted from the year 1600 to 1800. The Catholic church pronounced Astrology to be superstition. For what reason? Different attitudes, opinions and fight for power.

When turning the pages of the history of humankind, we make sure that the people who gain power make their own laws, set their priorities, pray to their gods and worship their heroes. This happens in politics, social life and religion. Truth is not always honourable. The church, just like other authorities, experienced divisions many times, gave different names to the prophets and gods, but the law of the Universe which is called God remained one for everyone.

As if confirming the fact that “as it is in heaven, so shall it be on Earth”, we raise our eyes at the heaven in difficult moments of life: “God, help!” What are we asking for? What influences or rules everything that takes place on Earth? Why do we feel different every day? Does the change of the seasons, ripening of the fruit from seeds or a cataclysm take place in accordance with our will?! What is God if not a Cosmic Law or cosmic influences on the planet on which we live which we must comply with, respect and understand to become better, purer and more righteous.

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