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No one can be blamed

the main rule of Astrology. Our troubles, misfortunes and failures are the result of our deeds. We make decisions and commit deeds based on our personal experience and level of consciousness. If we are envious, irritable or insufficiently educated, there is only one way: learn, educate and improve your nature.

By working with oneself, a person changes one’s fate. “Hiding is not a way to fight difficult situations, as they will surely occur in the future,” Pavel Globa advises. Magic also does not eliminate the cause of misfortunes. The only right way is to tell the truth to yourself, overcome your errors and improve your nature. A slacker risks not to be worth of the highly valued name of a human being.

An allegoric Indian story illustrates that excellently: God Indra wished to see how people live, thus he came down onto Earth and turned himself into a pig. He loved this state so much that he didn’t want to come back. The gods noticed that their king is missing and decided to find out what happened to him. They came down onto Earth and saw that Indra has turned himself into a pig and is digging the roots of trees. They started to talk to him, but he didn’t react. They started to shake him, but he scolded them. He didn’t recognize anyone and showed no reaction, i.e. he was disconnected and lived in his pig-like state having forgotten his godly nature. Unable to wake him up, the gods decided to kill him – to hit him with a pole on his head. The pig dies, but Indra left it and became God again. The meaning of this legend is that a person will be reminded in the cruelest way if one must free one’s godly nature (P. Globa. About what the Moon is silent). 

As it is in heaven, so shall it be on Earth

The law of analogies states: “As it is in heaven, so shall it be on Earth.” This means that cosmic laws are the same for each atom, molecule, living being, nature and representatives of the animal world. Everyone feels the same cosmic influence, but everyone reacts differently depending on their level of development, moral and physical potential, mental qualities and residential environment.

The moment of birth determines these qualities; to put that in other words, it gives the qualities to a subject which will influence one’s whole life. Besides, individual qualities are in constant closerelathionship with the external cosmic influence.

What concerns a conscious element or a being presented with the gift of consciousness, the qualities received at the moment of birth may improve or deteriorate depending on external influences and directions of activities. The existence of positive and negative energy constantly affects the subject inducing one to act in a certain manner depending on positive or negative potential.

The subject may increase or reduce the level of one’s development during the process of existence. That improves or impairs the conditions of one’s existence. The most important characteristics are decided at the moment of birth, the field of activities and the qualities are defined, but they may be developed.

Development can improve the inborn qualities. Mental qualities and spiritual intellect are determined, but corrections are possible.

Universal laws act in the nature. We know them as the sayings of the great wise men, the precepts of the Bible, folk adages and proverbs: “You shall reap what you sow”, “You shall enjoy the fruit of your faith”, “As it is in heaven, so shall it be on Earth”, “Do not judge and you shall not be judged”, etc. We often quote these sayings, but do we perceive their effect literally rather than figuratively? The apparent clarity withdraws us from the perception and deep understanding of these laws. Of course, if you sow nettle seeds in a prepared lot of land, you will harvest nettles. However, not only the seeds of plants can be sown. Words, deeds and thoughts can be sown as well. In accordance with universal laws, they sprout and bear fruit which highly depends on what you have sown.

Children’s birth, let’s say. While waiting for the little one in this world, we all dream about what he/she will be like. Everyone gives the best qualities to him/her in their imagination and rarely perceives that the quality of the child is the whole of your qualities and deeds as well as the qualities of your family and relatives. During the period when the child is not thinking yet according to you, he/she is breathing, sees and hears already, i.e. he/she unconsciously absorbs everything that surround him/her. Is everything he/she sees and hears of a very high quality? You talk, communicate, sometimes talk obscenities, permit yourself to be irritable and rude, but become surprised and resentful when you notice such qualities in the child. Didn’t you sow that?

We are always certain that we love the child. We are happy when we buy toys, clothes, a pram or a cot. We experience pleasure because of this havoc; it is pleasant because it reminds the feelings of novelty or a festival. We invite guests and show off ourselves and our child. Does he/she need that? First of all, these are our, adults’ games. When the difficult everyday life approaches and the child must be loved every minute, every day while performing boring domestic duties, we entrust this “honourable” duty to anyone: a kindergarten teacher, grandparents or nannies. The duty to nurture the child physically is considered a must, whereas only conscious parents take care of his/her spiritual growth and development of his/her creative abilities. But the law applies always. Everything you speak, how and what you play with the child, what you read to him/her and what you let him/her watch on the TV, each trifle forms the spiritual world of your child.

According to universal laws, each cultural plant must be taken care of closely because it will grow wild and be covered with weeds when uncared.

The times in which we live celebrate democracy. Oh, the sweet word “freedom”. But what happens when this freedom is given to a primitive, unconscious being which is controlled by one’s instincts, lost in the chaos of flaws and weaknesses and is not able to tell right from wrong? What space does democracy give to those who like earning money at the expense of naïve, stupid or ordinary gullible people? How long will we obey the wolfish laws of the free market? We got used to believing the printed word, radio, television and official documents. Cruel combat movies abundant with sex scenes were thrust to us after wonderful movies, plays and music. Masters are making money! And what you, people, do by feeding these obscenities to children? You shall enjoy the fruit of your faith. Unfortunately, faith did not resist very long. It gave place to the instincts.

According to universal laws, development takes place in a spiral: rise and fall. It pulls us up, educates, teaches kindness, punishes for evil and afterwards lets us go and… moral potential is tested during free hover or fall.

Truth in harmony is a thing to be aspired for. You cannot recklessly admire democracy, the – communism, then – dictatorship. It is said “Make a fool pray to God, and he will break his forehead” for a reason. Perhaps it’s time to become cleverer? It’s time to think and develop one’s consciousness. Learn to understand the laws of being of a person without the television, anchors and newspapers. Every family, country or an individual person has one’s own possibilities and conditions to exist, one’s potential. It is said “Do not judge and you shall not be judged” for a reason. The river of mud which flows when speaking about the past is surprising. Everything that was before us was wrong: people lived in the wrong way, fought for the wrong purposes, built the wrong buildings. But it is our roots. Try watering the roots of a tree with poison. Will it be green long? Most probably, it will die. Wouldn’t it be better to grow or create it taking into account the mistakes of your past, if you are able to?

Blasphemy destroys faith. Swear, and your children will not be able to say a nice word about you. By severing the ties between generations, it is not only the past but also the proper future that we lose. If we do not follow the universal laws which are formulated in all religious treatises and the code of building communism, we condemn ourselves for the life outside the law, in the darkness of the jungle where there is no knowledge, conscience or wisdom.

The limit for improvement is the sky. Improve the society, the child, yourself. If you use unsuitable methods and rotten materials when building, you can build a prison instead of a manor. You should not forget spiritual laws while following the laws of the material world. We often do not perceive them, but they exist. And global catastrophes threaten us if we do not follow them.

Don’t make idols for yourself

What is the essence of the given wisdom? I think that it is the ability not to make gods of worldly, perishing, material items. The Spirit, God, Absolute – that is the understanding of the ideal world. All material items tend to change, weaken, age, die and turn to dust. Even the greatest and ingenious ideas embodied by the people on Earth lose their values and turn to nothing not because the ideas are bad but because the human being is flawed.

The human being is subjective and sinful. Even the best variant of a human being has some shortcomings besides the virtues. The human being starts measuring the surrounding ideals according to oneself urged by the level of one’s development provided by one’s national, social and other traits.

Let’s take the aspect of faith. Each ethnic group has generated a religion at the heart of which lies a single general idea of the existence of a power or mind which governs our world. Depending on the level of spirituality, education and advancement, each group gives one’s own name to that power. The founders of the religion, who are called the “deputies of God on Earth”, have plenty of names: Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus, Allah… They are also called “the prophets”, i.e. “the ones who know the truth”.

What does the name “God” imply? Ancient civilizations believed in a cosmic law the action of which they sensed by studying the effect of the Sun and the planets of the solar system. Those learned men who were in command of superhuman perseverance, hard work and far-sightedness observed and proved that at the heart of all faiths and religions lies a single principle on which life is based not only in our planet but also in the Universe.

This principle is ingeniously simple for a saint mind and incomprehensible for a dark, lying, proud mind which aims to stand out. The person who aims to stand out is always dissatisfied with the objective existing truth. Such a person needs one’s own truth where one is the main figure and the developer of the theory which may be flawed but still is one’s own. This provides power and honour.

Why should we believe in the cosmic mind and law?

Where would national gods, which unfailingly serve when needed to take power and set one nation on another, go then? That’s why they create idols at the level of gods or heroes, or politicians not noticing that they all are one of us, just publicized, sugarcoated, but still none the less a person with their own shortcomings, flaws and weaknesses. Whereas this God whose name is Cosmic Law, Truth is quite difficult and complicated to learn and understand.

There are few perfect and unselfish teachers because they are persecuted by those who create their name and glory as well as accumulate wealth by using the ignorance of people. The scope of persecution and condemnation of Astrology are surprising. Have those who speak up about Astrology and tarnish it realy analyzed its principles?

Is there not a huge number of erroneous ideas and idols in the world? There is an abundance of trends of music, art, fine arts, science and even faith. People sometimes resort to absurd in order to express themselves. And nothing horrible happens – everyone discusses and contemplates but does not persecute, even celebrate that as if admitting that these absurd things are fashionable. This is often called “self-expression”. However, stupidity, greed, primitivity, even basic evil may also be expressed. However, they are welcomed with the cries of joy.

Why do the solar system and its effect on the life of the planet make the adversaries so anxious? Perhaps it’s because, if reliability of this science and effectiveness of the laws thereof are investigated and confirmed, people will reject most fake idols who feel comfortable and thrive because of the lack of the real cognition.

Knowing the cosmic laws, people will become purer, more sophisticated, spiritual and perhaps unite to stand before the God common for all our planet.

Let’s remember the astrological symbol of the Earth which, by the way, can be seen on the domes of Orthodox churches – a cross on top and a sphere at the bottom. The cross consists of a vertical and a horizontal line. Let’s determine the relation between geometric shapes and esoteric ideas. The vertical line marks the active masculine rudiment or the energy of the Sun, whereas the horizontal line – the passive feminine rudiment or the energy of the Moon. The interaction of these two types of energy is the foundation of the existence on Earth. A circle, dome or sphere is the eternal cycle of births and deaths. By merging with the energy of the Moon (Yin), the energy of the Sun (Yang) creates various material forms living on Earth. Thus the cross is the sign of application, whereas the circle is the source of spiritual energy. Why is the cross placed above the circle in the astrological symbol of the Earth? Logically thinking, one can guess that the Earth is the planet where living material form predominates over spirit but draws from its vital forces at the same time. When penetrating the material form, the spirit inspires life and improves the creatures of the Earth. The matter is dead without the Spirit. If the material rudiment branches out and displaces the spiritual rudiment, the process of thickening of the matter and destruction of the material forms begins. On the other hand, development of the spirit improves the matter and it becomes more subtle, lighter, more flexible and plastic. Take a lump of clay, start working with it, add water, warm it with your hands. And the clay will become soft, easy to form, it will become a real piece of art.

Various types of the matter exist on Earth. The “dense (material) world” and the “subtle world” exist. Four elements which dominate and create life in the planet of Earth – air, water, fire and earth – differ in density. The creatures with different densities live in these four elements. The degree of perfection of a material form depends on the degree of development of spiritual conscience. A human being has been awarded the ability to think. However, one’s potential and abilities become the reality only when one uses them. The denser and heavier the matter, i.e. the less developed it is, the more it strives for rest and resists, the harder it is to process it. This rule applies to any natural material as well as to the human being. Let a body be, do not move it, do not improve its abilities. It will become uncontrollable. Awkwardness and clumsiness, even diseases will occur. Perhaps it is this reason which makes the human being to earn everyday bread by the sweat of one’s brow. The body, the soul and thinking obey common laws. The soul must work as well. It survives supported by the feelings. Thinking is developed by logics, the efforts of the mind, the pursuit for cognition. The spirit wakes up in the human being only when one perceives the principle of survival on Earth. What is that Spirit and Spiritual conscience? Let’s remember ancient sources. We often encounter the words “Holy Spirit”, “in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit”. The Spirit – God – Absolute – Truth – Cosmic law – all these are identical concepts. People often call the same concept or item differently but have the same thing on their mind.

A huge number of languages and national differences exists on Earth. However, the Spiritual Laws are the same for everyone.

Perceiving high matters is always difficult. The saints and prophets often used to become martyrs in their life. They could rarely enjoy glory and feel understood while still being alive. That who is too good often becomes undesirable. The same law applies here, too. A poorly developed matter tends to resist rearrangement. The development process is long and difficult. So much poison, skepticism, anger and roughness are emitted by people whose soul, spirit or conscience is not awake yet. Even a simple choice of antonyms for certain concepts demonstrates the laws followed by two opposite worlds. Let’s list various words denoting the concepts of good and evil in two columns:

Good – evil

God – devil

Truth – lie

Love – hatred

Soul – matter

Heaven – hell

Wit – stupidity

Order – chaos

Peace – war

Having read the columns of these words, one can easily imagine the criteria which will be followed by the society having chosen one or the other column. Material things always disappear and turn into dust during the course of time. Spiritual things remain in the cosmic space in the shape of ideas and thoughts. Prophets are aware of this cosmic feature; creative personalities – poets, painters, scientists – feel it as well due to their intuition.

Even an ordinary person encounters such phenomena often even without perceiving that. You say: a though, an idea came to me. Where did it come from? Let’s compare the mental, more subtle process with the physical, much more obvious and understandable one. What do we breathe – air or oxygen contained in the surrounding air. How do we replenish the store of physical energy – we eat food. What do we drink – water. Each organ of our body needs specific food. These substances maintain the vital forces of our organism. Air, water and food are necessary for the lungs, kidneys and stomach. All that is material. We can see and feel that, because it is the things we know. And what about the brain, soul, spiritual part of our being? Isn’t there a source in the space to support our invisible, unknown world? Pursuant to the laws of analogies, “as it is in the bottom, so shall it be on top” and vice versa. But the thing is that you can accept information only if your receiver is operating faultlessly and is set to catch the right wave. Besides, it is important that these subtle systems of our organism are developed sufficiently and be able to accept higher-level information. And by developing our material rudiment and slightly, primitively developing thinking, got used to speaking about the high level and spiritual cognition carefully as if about a secret field which no one is allowed to enter. However, the road to this field has been opened up thousands of years ago and the literature providing the necessary knowledge is sufficient. But the second column of words (the words evil, lie, stupidity, chaos, hatred) exists for that – to block the road towards the truth. A cross has been placed onto the spirit of our planet. That’s why the human being wears this symbol on one’s neck – one shall remain chained to the matter and eternal cycle until one perceives the truth, discovers God in one’s soul and turns the system upside down to raise the spirit over the cross. The words from the second column – God, Love, Truth, Soul, Heaven – will sound then.

There are 360 degrees and 12 signs in the Zodiac. Each sign has its own characteristics and special qualities, objectives and tasks are processed in each Sign. Besides, precession lasts 72 years in each degree. It passes a Sign in 2160 years. Each sign is governed by a certain planet in charge for the direction of development and the atmosphere of a given period of time. The life of a human being short. Unfortunately, the mind is “short”, too. By exploring and judging the history, the humankind “pours out the baby together with water”.

Astronomy and Astrology are the top steps in the road to the cognition of the world. Using this knowledge, it is possible to consciously observe the course of events trying to create the relations within oneself, people and the society infused with responsibility for one’s fate, respect for cosmic cycles and the wish to explore and get to know the unknown. The influence of the Cosmos does not depend on us. However, understanding this need will help direct the life at a wise direction. Only the real knowledge of cosmic laws, which are handed over from generation to generation, which have been collected piece by piece throughout thousands and hundreds of thousands of years, may support the human spirit. Therefore, continuity, careful attitude towards the past and knowledge which break through the granite of time as delicate sprouts are important. This knowledge must be accumulated and kept carefully. However, it is often lost by careless offsprings who love themselves only, concentrate on how unique they are and “do not see the forest behind the trees”. Sometimes this knowledge is hidden on purpose in order to control and manipulate people, who are not educated thoroughly, easier.

Sometimes the humankind wades in the darkness of ignorance like a cow busy with its instincts and treats the historical events, experience and achievements of previous generations “as God decided”.

The astrological circle of Zodiac is a scheme-plan of the arch of the sky. Just as letters and sounds helped create the language and writing, as numbers are mathematic symbols, whereas geometric shapes help create a plan-scheme of any material object, the same goes for Astrology: the scheme-plan of the starry sky and the symbols of the planets enable explaining astrological phenomena, calculating and tracing the course of this giant clock which determines the time of great events and the changes of our solar system and Earth.

Precession, which enters the Zodiac signs and spends 2160 years in each of them, is the time of cardinal changes on Earth.

We spent 2160 years in the epoch of the Pisces. This means that precession was in this sign. Hence precession was in the sign of the Aries the previous 2160 years. Whereas it was in the sign of the Bull before that, etc. Calculating the periods is not difficult, the difficult thing is to find the baseline. Probably, people knew how to do that in ancient times. As it was mentioned already, when precession passes from one sign to another, changes take place in the development of the planet and in life. The entrance of precession to the sign of the Aquarius is related to the development of technologies and science to their earthly limits. Logically thinking, the planet needs a period for regeneration. The nature solves its ecological issue by wiping out civilizations from the surface of the Earth and regulating the amount of living organisms of all species. The change of the inclination angle of the axis of the Earth, the transition of precession from one sign to another and the opposition of the planets as they move are the mechanisms which switch a cataclysm on: movement of glaciers, shifts of the crust of the Earth, drowning of continents, eruption of volcanoes. “As it is in heaven, so shall it be on Earth” – we rebuild a lot of times on Earth, we change our lives and the picture of the Earth without considering the circumstances and we often pollute the planet and atmosphere, so “there is nowhere else to go”. Why don’t the Cosmos take care of the cleanliness and ecology of our planet?

According to Moxo’s chronology of civilization, the creation of the present world began in 3114 B.C.

In his book “Jaguar Wisdom”, K. Johnson writes that the North and South American Indians were top-notch mathematician philosophers. Moxo and Aztecs built big cities with complex layout, invented long calculation of the calendar, whereas the saint Moxo chiefs were in charge for the spiritual strengthening of their land and nation. The concept of cosmic time presented in a long calculation system was based on a manner of calculation of time, a sacred calendar common to all ancient Mesoamerican peoples. According to Moxo’s view of the world, the world had been created and destroyed more than once.

The end of the world or an ordinary cataclysm is a riddle for curious minds which may be solved easily by acknowledging the laws of Astrology, understanding the essence of everything that takes place in the nature, learning to compare, calculate and believe that floods, shifts of the crust of the Earth and other catastrophes on Earth are, according to E. Blavatska, “a universal tradition”. Due to various reasons, for example, due to certain arrangement of planets or the degree of the axis of precession, ice ages were multiple just as floods. A geological cataclysm takes place in the end of each small cycle of our planet. This cycle is called “the Century of the World”. Stories about a local flood in the territory of central Asia can be found in each country. The Aztec stories which have survived until our days tell about four eras – Worlds or Suns which disappear or emerge again.

Nowadays, it is simple to compare the dates of the cosmograms of the last cycle using computer programs: the beginning of the cycle – 13 August 3114 B.C., end of the cycle – 23 December 2012 A.D., as see what people knew in the ancient times and whether there is any logic in their statements.

While working with various dates of significant events I noticed that these events take place in case of an opposition of the following planets: Pluto-Proserpina, Saturn-Chiron, Chiron-Proserpina. Especially if these oppositions are marked by connections to the nodes of the Moon or form harmful configurations.

For example, when comparing these two cycles, one can notice that the planets of the first cycle are in an opposition to the planets of the second cycle.

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