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Question – “Is it possible to order a child’s sex?”


It is theoretically possible to order a child’s sex.

Even in ancient times, astrologers were able to select the days to start a life of a desired sex practically unerringly.

The astrologers William Lilly, Ptolemy and others wrote about determination of the child‘s sex. Modern astrologers who seriously engage in this issue will not talk about the work done by them and will not reveal their secrets.

Having familiarized themselves with Astrology, Western medics noticed in the middle of the 90s of the 20th c. that the possibilities for women to become pregnant and birth of children depend on a respective stage of the Moon. The Czech gynecologist and doctor of psychiatry Eugen Jonas engaged in practical research of this field; he read an ancient Babylonian-Assyrian text about the dependence of conception on the lunar phase.

Doctor Eugen Jonas had some astrological knowledge and belonged to a group of scientists-astrologers who called themselves “cosmobiologists”. After a few years of intensive investigations already he was able to formulate the first fundamental rules of his theory related to planning the child’s sex, conception and the ability of the fetus to survive.

His method for planning the child’s sex is effective. By the way, modern medics don’t know about that or simply ignore that calling Astrology “a false science” and forgetting that Hippocrates was an astrologer as well and never started treating a patient without having compiled his/her horoscope.

An astrologer who has mastered Medical Astrology is likely to help the customer to plan the sex of the future child. However, hardly anyone give any guarantees, as there is very little research in this field.

Modern medicine is not related to Astrology. And there are too many conditions which must be followed. Besides, not everything depends on the woman as well. The man takes part in the process, too. His abilities regarding conception and his health condition are also important.

Chinese Astrology has a method for determining the child’s sex as well. The Chinese use the so-called “conception table” for this purpose. Chinese moths are different from the months of the Western calendar. Therefore, the person using the table must be certain that the calculations were made taking into account the Chinese lunar months.

No customers have “ordered” the child’s sex in my practice. Currently, a lot of women contact me as regards conception when they encounter any issues in this field. Such issues may arise due to inborn causes which are easily determined by compiling a medical horoscope; or issues may arise due to the fact that the woman had been using birth-control measures for a certain period of time. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention at the partner’s horoscope as well. Medical horoscopes of both partners are analyzed in detail in each specific case, the causes of the issue are determined and the customers must undergo a medical examination. In some cases, my help was useful and the customer experienced joy having become parents of the baby they had been longing and desiring for a long time.

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